At the heart of the Arrábida Natural Park

Where true natural magic happens

Authenticity and simplicity is true luxury

Quinta da Arrábida is an 11 hectares farm at the heart of the Arrábida Natural Park.

Many pine and cork trees are surrounded by exuberant autochthonous vegetation, hundreds of madrone’s and many other fruit trees spread over the land (figs, quinces, pomegranates, plums, nuts and others).

At the orchard you’ll find 140 fruit trees with fifteen different species that can be hand-picked. The green house works as our trees and vegetables maternity.

At the animal farm, you’ll find our rabbits, ducks, turkeys and chicken that children can pet, feed or even collect the eggs.

The ancient wood oven still works perfectly, and we regularly bake bread or prepare traditional meals, and our guests can participate in the process.

Each of the three houses is distant from each other, providing total privacy. Surrounded by lush vegetation and private yards with amazing mountain views, it’s a perfect venue for your family, no matter how large it is: you can rent one, two or all at once.

The houses were fully remodeled and redecorated in 2019, yet keeping the style of traditional Portuguese architecture, combined with a modern and very comfortable decoration.

Summer Time in Arrábida

At Quinta da Arrábida every house has a story to tell. Discover the Manor house, Wood Oven and Pine Tree..

The perfect venue

In ancient arabic, Arrábida means ‘place of prayer’

Arrábida is known for having one of the richest’s fauna and flora in Europe (a real sanctuary for resident or migration birds) that you can explore, either within the farm or within the natural park area.

The mountain dives into the ocean, creating a coastline with stunning pristine water beaches.

The natural park is complemented by the underwater biomarine reserve created in 1998, allowing for some incredible water and underwater activities: scuba-diving, dolphin watching, stand-up paddle, canoeing or coasteering, among many other.

The region is also known for its cultural heritage and history.

The Arrábida Monastery, built in the 16th century, was a confinement place for Franciscan monks. The XV century castles in Setúbal, Palmela or Sesimbra are full of history to be discovered. And Cabo Espichel, with its imposing church standing above the sea, where you can also search for the ancestral dinosaur’s footprints.

At Quinta da Bacalhoa or the old Wine Cellars of José Maria da Fonseca you’ll find not only the historical patrimony, but also some of the most well known Portuguese wine makers. And then there’s the gastronomy… and so much more to discover!