There’s so much to explore! inside the farm, or in the Arrábida Region

Inside the 11 hectares of the farm you can hand-pick season fruits from the orchard, pet and feed the animals with the children, even collect our chicken’s daily eggs.

Or you can exercise around the farm’s paths, either walking or running.

Or just contemplate nature and all the different atmospheres within. There’s an incredible botanical diversity within the farm, with hundreds of autochthonous species that we are careful to preserve as a natural sanctuary. No pesticides or herbicides.

At different times of the year we also do seeding at the greenhouse and planting in the land, and you can participate!

a perfect place to get lost and find yourself again

The Orchard

At the orchard you’ll find around 140 fruit trees where 10 different species of fruit can be hand-picked by you and your children at season time. Totally bio, we use no chemicals at all.

Greenhouse Seeding

The greenhouse is our herbs, trees and vegetables maternity. Where we plant seeds for our future. Bio seeds for a green future where you can join us selecting the seeds, from December until May.

The Animal Farm

At the animal farm you’ll find chickens and the all mighty rooster that wakes us up every morning, the tender rabbits or even the turkeys. Children can pet or feed them, or even help collect the daily eggs.

Discovering Arrábida

Nature Activities

Some are just contemplative, with some exercise, like walking or hiking while observing what nature has to offer. Others require some experience, or at least some vocation, like horse riding, canoeing or scuba diving. You can even go a bit radical, into coasteering, kite surfing, surfing or windsurfing. Over the last decades so many local experts developed different kinds of experiences, the list is endless. And we selected the best partners.

Walking and Hiking

The Natural Park is an amazing place to explore hiking. We use the Alltrails.com app (free), where at least 24 of the region’s best trails are identified. Take a look and set for the adventure!

Horse riding

You could also explore this beautiful landscape by riding a horse; trotting across tranquil mountains, riding along picturesque trails or even cantering on deserted beaches.

Scuba diving

Discover the fauna and flora of Arrábida in all its nooks and crannies. Whether you are a beginner or have already ventured into the underwater world, many Sesimbra schools offer activities for all levels. Prepare your courses and dive trips in Arrábida!


If you are an adventurer and you like to combine sport with beautiful views you should do coasteering in the Arrábida coastline; hiking, high water jumps, land cave exploration, scuba diving, rock climbing.. Dare to jump into the crystal waters of the Arrábida Natural Park!


Feel in symbiosis with nature, discover the paradisiacal beaches of Galapinhos, Galapos, Coelhos, Portinho, Pilotos, Alpertuche or the emblematic Anicha Island and exercise yourself! It is a perfect sport to do as a family with the kids, or with a group of friends.

Windsurf, Kite Surf and Surf

Go into the wild waves by the wind. This type of sport will bring out your most adventurous and wildest soul. The Arrábida offers a variety of possibilities to have fun, in and on the water. You can surf, kite, wake, sail and sup. You can choose the watersport according to your level, preference and the current conditions.

Discovering Arrábida

Culture and Gastronomy

The Arrábida region is also known for its cultural and gastronomical heritage. XV century castles, the Arrábida Monastery or the Quinta da Bacalhoa Palace are just a few of the amazing historical places you can visit.


Arrábida’s essential natural vegetation supports a wide variety of animal life; Arrábida is home for more than 250 species of birds. The thick Mediterranean scrub finds favour with Sardinian and Dartford warblers. and other species including a peregrine, rock dove, alpine and pallid swifts, black redstart and blue rock thrush.

Convento da Arrábida

Explore the life of the park through its history. The convent was founded in 1542 by Friar Martinho de Santa Maria and is located in the mountains with incredible views of the ocean. Without a doubt a perfect place for meditation and contemplative life.

Cabo Espichel & Dinosaur footprints

If you want to explore even further into Arrabida’s history you should see the Dinosaur footprints. Some of the best-preserved dinosaur footprints of Europe are located on the jagged cliffs of Cabo Espichel coastline. It is fascinating to realize that these prints span a time of almost 50 million years.

Castles — Palmela, Setúbal, Sesimbra

Guided tours are organized to visit the villages of Arrabida’s three castles: Palmela, Sesimbra and Setúbal. All set in strategic geographic points that have been key to the region’s importance and the country’s progress through the ages.


Discover the most idyllic beaches in the Lisbon region, protected by the mountains and blessed by the sea with calmer waters. Look for lost beaches in the slopes of the , with sandy shores between the transparent blue of the sea and the lush green of the mountain: Portinho da Arrábida, Galapinhos, Galápos, Coelhos, Creiro…


Discover Arrábida’s gastronomy and wines. The region’s microclimate and landscapes create amazing conditions for some of the most tasteful wines and the amazing Moscatel. Combine it with Azeitão’s cheese or the most tasteful grilled fresh fish or meat, and you’ll be delighted. Not to forget the typical delicatessen…